Leaders Retreat

An unusual equine experiential leaders retreat, held on a beautiful ranch in Sebastopol. It’s a unique event that partners with horses (free of equipment – no riding) as the co-facilitators and offers powerful insights about effective relationships, creative problem solving and the self-empowerment that results from enhanced awareness, presence and intention. The lessons learned from the leaders retreat with  horses translate to the workplace for improved working relationships and performance.

Evaluate Your Business

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People Management Toolkit

Packaged Know-How for Small Business Owners: Fundamentals for empowering employees to get great results.

"Hi, Janice! Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your time management system ever since the workshop, and it is really working to both keep me on track and help me feel OK when I get off! I’ve used bits and pieces that were similar, but never quite worked it into a whole SYSTEM before…and of course I’d try to do some of it digitally and still end up with just bits. I have found that I can print out my daily sheets directly from Outlook, with all my appointment salready filled in and a blank column for my tasks. Yay!"


--Eris Weaver, Time Management Workshop Paraticipant